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Grace given and received

Our shipping systems in the U.S. are overwhelmed. I sent a package on Dec. 3, and it’s still taking a tour of the U.S. I thought it was a goner but then received a tracking update after 10 days of radio silence. I mean, it’s in the wrong place. But it’s alive. It’s in circulation. There’s HOPE.*

I know that a lot of small businesses are in the same boat. People are upset and demanding refunds. I get it, I do. It’s disappointing to have something sent by priority mail and realize that those words no longer have meaning. If everything is a priority, then nothing is. That axiom applies to the mail, too. 

My lost package was sent by me, not a vendor, and some of the contents were handmade and one-of-a-kind. So it’s disappointing. I can’t replace everything that was inside the box. Yesterday, I reordered what I could, and I am hoping for the best. 

I’m trying to have faith and be patient with everything I am sending and receiving. Most of it will get to us. And if it doesn’t, we have a good story about the year without a Santa Claus (a.k.a. Priority Mail.) If you can, please let the small business people off the hook. Beyond sending it, they really aren’t responsible for mail delays. I find that when I extend grace like this to others, it comes back to me twofold.
* Update: Since I wrote this post the package resurfaced and was finally delivered. YAY!

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A maximalist falls in love with a minimalist

If I have a motto, it’s that more is more. I’m not usually talking about stuff, but if I am being honest, I am no minimalist. If I like something, I usually wind up with at least three of that item. So I have a hard time explaining my complete adoration for Dawn, The Minimal Mom on YouTube. I am hooked; I’ve already watched a handful of videos in the last five days. 

Maybe I’m trying to change my ways. I think I am realizing the limits of abundance. Dawn often mentions that she doesn’t want to manage that much inventory: I can so relate to that at this point in my life.  

Check out h5 EASY Ways to Make Christmas Extra Special This Year And especially Get rid of these 3 things to feel BETTER about yourself today!! Don’t wait to have clothes you love. Your weight is fine right now. Give away and recycle what no longer fits and love the body you have. Yes, a million times, yes.

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Five to follow for more fun and joy

Chris Barron (yes, that Chris Barron, from the Spin Doctors). Every Saturday is Caturday on Chris Barron’s Twitter feed:

Tabitha Brown on Instagram and TikTok. Like so, like that, Tabitha Brown wraps you in a happy, loving embrace. Her “America’s Mom” title is spot on. An added bonus is all of the vegan goodies and recipes that she shares.   

Unicorn Manes by Mykey O’Halloran

RAINBOW HAIR MAKES ME HAPPY! So do the elaborate videos of Mykey and his housemates rolling out the trash barrels (bins). Mikey is someone who creates joy and art with hair. He’s always a pick-me-up.

Mark Kanemura

Mark is a dancer and a performer and a sweetheart of a human being. His performances always make me smile. Follow him on Instagram: 

Thoughts of Dog 

What *is* your dog thinking? You no longer have to wonder thanks to this Twitter account from Matt Nelson of We Rate Dogs. This account is one of the purest things on the internet.