I'm Jake.

Hi, I’m Jake Kupiec (pronounced Coop-yeck or Coop-yetz). Or just Jake.

I have almost always worked in jobs that require me to be a listener and a creator. I have more than 10 years of experience as a communications director in the public sector. I became a coach a few years ago after completing a certified coach training program. 

I like connecting ideas and people and being part of purpose-driven projects and organizations. I want to work on things that matter, and I want to leave everything better than I found it. I think a lot, read a lot and I’m always learning. (Ask me about my latest class!) I am conscientious, and I like to be on time and honor my commitments, large and small. 

I love coffee, dog kisses, nature and solving problems. I believe a burden shared is a burden lessened.

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