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What’s cooking?

Our favorite recipes have been on repeat this month, but we did make an improvised lunch last week of Brown Sugar & Mustard Glazed TofuBraised Cabbage with Gochujang with carrots, and sautéed apples. It was amazing. We were so happy to have those leftovers!

It was a lunch of necessity. The cabbages, carrots and scallions, and apples were just on this side of fresh. Americans waste 120 billion pounds of food every year—that’s 325 pounds per person, yikes! These are statistics that haunt me. So I got creative. I have cooked for a long time but it’s been mostly basic food, nothing fancy except on holidays. And I have mostly followed recipes very closely. But I fell in love with Tabitha Brown and she improvises. You cook with Tab, you have to learn to cook with the spirit!

I used regular cabbage and all the green onions left in the fridge. The apples had lost their crispness so they were chopped and sauteed in an 8-inch cast iron skillet with butter, cinnamon, and some brown sugar. The mini skillet is new and I love it. We’ve had a 12-inch Lodge cast iron skillet forever and I thought long and hard about the small version before I bought it. It’s all too easy to wind up with kitchen gadgets that collect dust. But this one is a winner.