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Leggings are for everyone

As a person who has shopped for leggings, weighed the pros and cons of different styles, and admired the leggings of others, I feel thoroughly confident and competent in giving my expert opinion on the topic since that’s considerably more credentialed than others currently weighing in: Everyone can wear leggings. Everyone. Every single person. Anyone who wants to wear them. Any age. Any size. Go for it. May they be comfy, cute, washable, soft, with pockets or without, bleach resistant (if you know, you know), just the right color—whatever makes your heart sing and helps you get dressed.

If you have decided that you think that leggings are not for everyone, I encourage you to think about why you have started to believe that other people’s bodies are a cause for concern. What unmet need is coming up for you? What are you denying yourself? If you are triggered by a clothing item, this might be hard to hear: it’s time to work on you. I hope you can find acceptance.

Go out there and love others. And yourself. Everyone.

And instead of worrying about what people are wearing, maybe we could all try to be a little more like this guy and take care of people:

Photo by the amazing Alexandra Tran on Unsplash