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Scrap quilting FTW

There’s a day for everything, so nothing should surprise me at this point, but this one did: International Scrap Sorting Day, November 4.

My friends, as a scrap quilter who tries to use every last inch, I have a lot of scraps. A lot. Imagine a lot. Now imagine more than that. You might be in the ballpark. I was excited when one of the sewing people I follow, Nicki, at The Ruffled Purse, offered a free Conquer Your Fabric Scraps Summit. I watched nearly every session and learned a lot about how to use, organize, and store scraps. People are so clever! I say this all the time. I am continually amazed by the creativity of quilters. I loved all the presenters, and I learned something from each one. Two of my favorites were Malgorzata Banjo of Pola Quilting and Amira Ameruddin of The Little Mushroom Cap.

Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash