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A very furry Christmas

This year, all the fur kids received new stockings. The favorite gift among the canine contingent was this ZippyPaws Burrow Squeaky Hide and Seek Plush Dog Log with Chipmunks. Seeing Buddy running around with toys is super cute.

Indy loves, loves, loves toys and she is especially fond of this Guacamole Bowl hide-and-seek toy. She carries the stuffed tortilla chip around ALL the time, so I have started calling it her emotional support chip. Many hide-and-seek toys offer “refills,” so now she has TWO emotional support chips! (Thanks, Santa Paws!)

Lille En’s stocking included these adorable sushi-themed toys and her favorite catnip tea bags. Our sweet cat has been battling multiple health problems this year and takes a mind-boggling amount of medication. But I was inspired by BilliSpeaks, a cat similar in age also with health challenges who also uses talking buttons to speak and make her feelings known. (I love that her favorite word is mad.)

Billi’s mom said something in a video about presuming competence and that’s stuck with me. Lille En loved the new toys and played with them for a surprisingly long time. I feel bad that we haven’t provided more playtime so more playtime in 2024! Good for the whole family! We will also try a brain toy with her.

Surprisingly, many toys are either dishwasher-safe or machine-washable so check the details when purchasing.