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LinkedIn Learning is my guided meditation

On a recent flight, I was trying to recover from a dysregulating morning of travel and looked through the podcasts I had downloaded for such an occasion. But nothing was hitting right. I turned to the in-flight entertainment for some options. I admit I was looking for something “mind-numbing.” The airline offered LinkedIn Learning as part of its in-flight entertainment, and that was where I found some peace. I’ve completed over 100 LinkedIn Learning courses, so I’m a super fan.

My dip into the learning pool helped to return me to a better state. Plus, I learned a few things!

In addition to catching a LinkedIn Learning training on your next flight, your local library, university, or workplace may make LinkedIn Learning available to you. Check it out!

Here are a few of my recent LinkedIn Learning favorites. I recommend all of these instructors!

Photo by Colton Sturgeon on Unsplash