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Ahhh…Summer rain

The reputation of a rainy Pacific Northwest is greatly exaggerated, I’m sad to say. Summers are very dry here, meaning no rain at all. This year, we had a super dry and hot May. The local air quality board issued a fire ban early this year.

Wet winters mean moss on our roof, so it’s ongoing maintenance here. We had our roof cleaned later than usual this year, and the neat rows of baking soda that covered the roof are supposed to be worked in by the rain. Except there was no rain. And rain in June seemed like an impossibility.

And then! Surprise! The rain came. It rained all day on June 9 and again on the 10th, and then AGAIN on the 17th.

Summer rain is a gift gratefully accepted by this gardener.

My personal jukebox is a damn decade-spanning delight, so feel free to sing along with Summer Rain, by Johnny Rivers:

Photo by José Pereira on Unsplash