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Latest Baking Adventures

Pizza, artisan rolls, rye sandwich bread, and baguettes

We made our own pizza crust using King Arthur’s ‘00’ Pizza Flour. We followed the Neopolitan recipe on the King Arthur website. It was amazing. There’s more homemade pizza in our future.

We like artisan bread so much that we decided to try artisan rolls. Have you ever been to a big catered event and wanted to eat all the rolls? These rolls reminded me of the beloved bread basket. I love a good trip down memory lane to carb country. Ridiculously Easy Artisan Rolls by The Café Sucre Farine. As promised, these were unbelievably easy to make. We typically use Bob’s Red Mill Artisan Bread Flour. We did a mini splurge on a bench scraper to section the dough more easily.

We also tried rye bread for the first time! It made an excellent loaf, and the bread is great for sandwiches or toast. We used this recipe from Holy Cow Vegan: Rye Bread. The Best You Ever Baked and Organic Dark Rye Flour from Bob’s Red Mill.

I am a fan of Vegan Democracy on Instagram. I am also a fan of Duolingo, and I am using it to study French. The characters are always buying baguettes! So when Vegan Democracy made baguettes, I was in. Only five ingredients, and super easy. And yummy.

Photo by Sergio Arze on Unsplash