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Can you name this plant?

Um, this is unexpected.

I have this plant, and I have no idea what it is. It grows from a bulb, and the leaves emerge red and then turn green. It was in the weird rowboat planter and struggling. A few years ago, I moved it to a large pot in an area with more sun. It’s done better but not fabulous. So this past fall, I moved it to the porch for a little winter protection and covered it up during our coldest days. I uncovered it in early March when I saw a leaf popping up and then wanted to cry when that poor little leaf showed signs of frost damage. So on impulse, I moved it inside to the jam-packed sunroom, and well, it’s taken off.

The photo above was taken on March 25. Here’s the photo taken on March 10th:


At its best, this plant has only ever had two or three leaves at a time, and currently, it has nine, not including the poor frost-bitten leaf!

Close up of the underside of a leaf.


It looks a little like rhubarb. It also looks like an acanthus but without the flower spike. The leaves first appear as a bright red bulb at the base of the plant before unfurling into a red leaf at the end of a stem. They grow quickly into leaves about 18 inches across and turn green with red veins on the underside. The leaves are somewhat fuzzy.

Any ideas?