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The gas stove dilemma

We have a gas stove. We’ve had one for a long time, and I’m not sure how good I would be with an electric stove at this point. Our last four houses had gas stoves. In one of those humbling, head-slapping moments of adulthood, I’m now understanding that cooking indoors over an open flame might not be so good for us. (More here: Gas stove fumes and broken public health discourse.)

We recently had a new ventilation duct added to vent the kitchen stove fan to the outside. I know–yikes. (Again, humbling, head-slapping moment.) This has made a huge difference and was not nearly as disruptive or expensive as I thought it would be.

Long-term, we need to make the switch. Short term, the new vent works great. We started cooking on the back burners as those are more directly under the vent, one of the recommendations for gas stove users. We also moved one of the HEPA air filters that we have to the kitchen.

We are also going to try a single burner induction cooktop and see where that leads.

How about you? Do you have a gas stove? What’s your take?

Photo by Ilse Driessen on Unsplash