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Early or late? Hard to say…

I finished the holiday table runner above for our coffee table. It wasn’t technically on my holiday 2022 project list, more of a last-minute inspiration after making holiday coasters. So I’m done early for 2023! The trimmed-off pieces from squaring the quilt made for a really cool mini-quilt. I really love taking the really tiny pieces that result from these trimmings and incorporating them into a quilt. It looks like I worked magic.

Foundation pieced heart quilt

This is a quilt top I made last Valentine’s Day and then was stymied by the backing fabric. (The hearts are a foundation piecing pattern by Carol Doak.) Nothing I had was quite right. Belatedly I found some pink and red heart fabric. So it became a 2023 project and finished well before Valentine’s Day!

I have three mini quilts in the works: I started off making a mini trip around the world and scared myself off the project. That resulted in one quadrant of a trip around the world. (It’s just a day trip!) After having it on the side table next to the couch where I keep my books and handwork for about a week, I revisited my reluctance, gave myself a pep talk and jumped back in. The great thing about making quilts from quarter-yard bundles is that a little goes a long way. I’m going for it. Stay tuned.

The third mini quilt is a 30-inch-square Irish Chain. More photos next month!

Next up: a game table cover for Robert’s fancy-schmancy game table.