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Some favorite things

2022 was the year of cooking more and cooking better. I’m working on learning basic Indian, Ethiopian, and Korean cooking in 2023. All the cooking has made me pay more attention to the things in the kitchen. We have no shortage of gadgets! Some are useful, some are indispensable. Here’s my current top 10. Number one will surprise no one; I am extremely fond of coffee. Numbers 2 through 6 are used almost daily in our kitchen. I think Santa is bringing me a new box grater with an attached container, which might edge something off my list. Stay tuned!

  1. Coffee makers, all kinds

  2. Lodge cast iron skillet

  3. Cutco knives (the Trimmer is my go-to knife and stays sharp forever)

  4. Electric kettle (we have two, and both get used daily: this glass kettle and one similar to this stainless steel model)

  5. Small cutting board (because it’s lighter and easier to clean; ours is an olive wood cutting board from Trader Joe’s)

  6. Extra measuring spoons in sizes from ⅛ teaspoon to 2 tablespoons

  7. Can strainer

  8. His and hers peelers (we like different styles)

  9. Rice cooker

  10. New on my list of favorites: the Instant Pot (we have the 3-quart size but recommend the 6-quart since most recipes are created for that size) with extra color-coded sealing rings for the instant pot, so everything doesn’t smell like chili

Honorable mentions: NutriBullet and immersion blender (game changer for making salsa).

What are your favorite kitchen tools? Reply and let me know. I’ll publish a follow-up!

Photo by Rachel Brenner on Unsplash