You are currently viewing Two new recipes: Ramen and Memphis dry-rub mushrooms

Two new recipes: Ramen and Memphis dry-rub mushrooms

I love ramen, but there’s no instant ramen I know of that has a vegetarian spice packet. We started buying this brown rice and millet ramen from Lotus Foods (we buy the huge package from Costco) a while back and love it. This Perfect Instant Ramen Recipe from Roy Choi and adapted by Jeff Gordinier is more of a serving suggestion than a recipe, but it prompted me to search for a vegan DIY spice packet, and I found one! And it’s great!! We added a sous vide egg bite from Just Egg. We forgot the cheese because we were so hungry (next time!). It was great!

We tried this on a whim: Memphis Dry-Rub Mushrooms (Recipe from Greg Collier and adapted by Nicole Taylor, New York Times).

We didn’t have a lot of choices in the mushroom department. We wound up with sliced cremini mushrooms. Subbed soy sauce and some balsamic reduction for the Worcestershire Sauce and took a giant shortcut using Traeger Rub (also from Costco). We tossed the mushrooms with the oil, soy sauce etc., rather than drizzling it on. It seems to work better. A balsamic reduction made the mushrooms extra crispy.

O.M.G. These might be the best mushrooms I have ever eaten.