When the scraps become the quilt

Robert shared Eula Biss’s book Having and Being Had with me, not as a book recommendation but just to show me the cover. (I did read the book.) The cover art on the hardcover edition of the book is based on artwork by painter Danica Phelps. In the original work, each green stripe represents a dollar earned. It looks like a quilt. I love green, and the work is so appealing.

Inspired by Phelps, I decided to make a green strip quilt with all solids in about 20 shades of green. I sewed the strips into 5×5 and 10×5 units saving the scraps and sewing those together in much smaller units.

It’s the quilt that won’t be born, I’m afraid. It’s the first time I’ve ripped out quilting multiple times on a quilt. It’s just not coming together. I decided to put it away for now and move on to other things. I am not giving up on it, but I realized it was better to move on.

The scraps, on the other hand, have formed two small quilts, already quilted and bound. The one pictured above is for me because, duh, it’s green.

The other, pictured below, is a tiny quilt, about 5×6 inches for Olympia’s new Free Little Art Gallery, opening this weekend. I’ll be sending a little quilt love out into the universe.

It is so satisfying to make small quilts! I quilted this in a spare 10 minutes between other activities. And this is the first quilt to have one of my new labels. The labels took me five years to select. Better late than never!