Seed starting

Fellow gardeners, it’s almost time to plant!

At least it is here in the Pacific Northwest. Well, I hope it is! We have had a frigid spring with snow and hail in April! I’ve schlepped plants in and out more than once in the past month when the temps dipped back down in the 30s.

I started seeds at the beginning of March and have done a couple of rounds. Some things are slow to get going (I’m looking at you coral bells), but my tomatoes have grown into gallon-sized plants, and the pepper plants are a decent size.

I purchased new reusable – and colorful – seed starting pots from Bootstrap Farmer this year. Their heavy-duty 10×20-inch trays are a longtime favorite. Once you try them, no other trays will do.

I have several grow lights including a four-foot-wide by 18-inch-deep by six-foot-tall setup with lights recommended by Succulents and Sunshine. I attached the lights to a metal storage rack using Velcro cable ties. I also have a four-foot adjustable grow light on a folding table accommodating four 10×20 trays.

This year, I branched out into new seeds, including bergamot, begonias, goldenrod, Peruvian lilies, and bergenia. I’m also giving ground cherries another try after two failed attempts. (I have one tiny seedling!) Ground cherries look like tomatillos but with a fruity taste. I am a repeat customer at Adaptive seeds, but this article in the New York Times inspired me to try new greens and kale varieties.