All in on compost

I’ve been attending an excellent gardening webinar series sponsored by Cascade Water Alliance. It’s easy to say yes to six weeks of Saturday webinars when gardening is the topic! I was inspired to get a load of compost delivered. Seven yards of compost (pictured above) is a lot of compost when you typically buy it by the bag, but I am motivated. Adding compost to the soil is one of the best things you can do to improve your soil, and you don’t even need to till it in. You can put it right on top of existing soil and let nature do the work for you.

After the compost, it will be time to add wood chips. I haven’t had any luck getting a free load from ChipDrop, but I remain forever hopeful. ChipDrop connects arborists and landscapers with chips to unload to the homeowners who need them.

By the way, after years of using wood-handled shovels, we bought a fiberglass-handled shovel, and it’s SO MUCH BETTER.