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Galvanized buckets for dog cleanup

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

We have dogs. They poop. No one likes to step in it, so we clean up as they go. We have used this galvanized metal pail from Behrens at Home Depot. Inevitably the lid fails. The handle attachment design creates holes in the lid. It rains, and rains and rains in the Pacific Northwest and these small holes turn into a big problem over time. To be fair, we’ve had the current pail for almost five years but the handle finally fell off.

We just purchased a replacement, and now we are on a mission to extend its usable life.

First, we coated it with a few layers of clear Rustoleum spray paint, inside and out. Second, we caulked the handle attachments with clear silicone. Condensation is an issue, too, so we are also adding a plastic sink mat* cut to size for the bottom to stop the inevitably wet plastic bag from constant contact with the bottom of the pail.

*This mat also works well in our Little Free Library.

Bonus tip for removing the gigantic label from the can

I don’t know why labels need to be so difficult to remove. It’s a pet peeve, and we even avoid products with difficult-to-remove product stickers. If you have ever given up on label removal for an outdoor object, you know that the situation rarely improves on its own. Better to take care of it at the beginning.

We always try peeling the label off first, even if it only removes some of the label or just the top layer. Sometimes that’s a good strategy; sometimes it’s not.

Because this is a bucket we keep outside, there’s no problem getting it wet. I stuck it in the sink and soaked the label. Then I scraped it off using my fingers leaving just the sticky residue from the glue. I used some canola oil to remove the glue, followed by a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and a no-scratch scrubber sponge with a bit of dish soap and a lot of elbow grease. I wiped it dry with a clean rag, and no trace of the label remains—total elapsed time about 10 minutes.

The new and improved can is deployed. I’ll report in and let you know how it goes. And the old pail? Recycled as scrap metal! Winning!