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My 10-minute accountability check-in

Photo by Timo Müller on Unsplash

You know how we all make goals in January and we forget them before February 1 rolls around? Yeah, guilty. So for personal accountability, here’s an update on my 2022 goals. Some things are going well: French lessons, housework/house projects, learning and reading are all going well. Exercise and writing: meh.

So March was a reboot month for me. So far, I have kept up the exercise every day. I alternate between a HIIT(high-intensity interval training) treadmill workout, free weights, a stretching routine, and a 7-minute workout (+warmup) from the New York Times. And the occasional filling potholes on the street workout. Shoveling and schlepping rock DEFINITELY count as a workout.

My recordkeeping on the writing front started on March 7. I started the day with a writing sprint with Shaunta Grimes of the Ninja Writers. They host a 10-minute writing sprint every morning at 10 am EST on YouTube. Mission accomplished! It set the tone for the day–I easily did 90 minutes of writing that day.

I love something that Shaunta said in this article, Ten Minutes a Day: The Nucleus of a Goal:

“Finding the floor keeps the ceiling in view.” I am not there with daily practice yet, but I am much closer. Ten minutes a day puts you on solid footing.

Go! Be amazing!