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Put it down in a letter to yourself

Holidays and the New Year are times for rituals of introspection and reflection. I think we can all agree that 2020 did a number on us. These exercises are both inspired by a coaching friend. 

The high five list is your year-in-review list–what did you do well? What deserves a high five? Take 10 minutes and see if you can come up with 10 things to add to your 2020 High Five List. 

I feel pretty strongly that if ever there was a time to lower the bar, it’s 2020. If you kept a decent stock of toilet paper on hand, give yourself a high five for that.

The letter to yourself I learned about last year. You write a letter to yourself and tuck it in with your holiday decorations to be opened in a year. I did write the letter and completely forgot about it until I unpacked the holiday bins a few weeks ago. I thought the letter would be one long joke given the dumpster fire of a year that we’ve had, but I was pleasantly surprised at the many things I did and learned. The goals I set for 2020 weren’t all for naught. 

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