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The Laundry Fairy Will See You Now

This may surprise you: I love doing laundry. I get excited about washing machines the way some people get excited about iPhones. I enjoy the science of laundry and I’m always looking for laundry tips and tools.

Here are two: 

  1. Shout Advanced Ultra-Concentrated Gel Brush for Set-in Stains
    Years ago I got oil-based salad dressing on a favorite silk blouse. I dutifully took it to the dry cleaners and got a note back from them that it was beyond hope.

    As a general rule, I reject the “beyond hope” assessment in laundry and in life. So I tried my go-to stain remover, Shout Advanced Ultra-Concentrated Gel Brush, and washed the silk blouse in the washing machine. Washing silk can go very wrong so it can be an advanced laundry skill, but I decided I really had nothing to lose. And it worked. I got all of the stains out. I wore it for years after that. 
  2. Shout ColorCatcher Dye Trapping Sheets
    I learned about color remover sheets after a devastating laundry incident. I had just completed a Christmas quilt – a very red Christmas quilt – and I washed it to remove the quilt markings. The red ran everywhere. It was devastating. I was sure that I had ruined it. In desperation, I searched the internet for possible remedies and found one that involved Dawn dishwashing soap and Shout ColorCatcher Sheets. It was a long process but my quilt was saved. Now I’m a regular user and will throw a sheet in if there’s ever a chance that one garment might run. 

Also confession: I don’t always sort my laundry by color. I really used to be a purist about this, but after learning about some best practices around washing underwear and socks, I now wash them together as a single load irrespective of color. And they are definitely a mix of white to black and every color in between. I’ve never had a problem with colors running. 

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