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Yo! More art, less media consumption

Unless it’s multimedia! The news takes me to a dark place and I have decided that I need to spend more time creating and less time ruminating. Saturdays have come studio days plus any other time I can eke out here and there throughout the week. I’m working on a yo-yo quilt. Yo-yos are circles of fabric gathered up to make a shape that’s reminiscent of a yo-yo and then sewn together on the edges to make a quilt. 

I fell in love with yo-yo quilts after staging a rescue. On one moveout day in an apartment long ago, I found a quilt folded neatly on top of old blankets in the dumpster. It’s a queen-size quilt made entirely of yo-yos – thousands of them! My guess is circa 1930? Someone’s grandma worked hard on that quilt! It’s in beautiful shape and only a few of the yo-yos are separated. 

I’ve probably had the quilt now for 30 years. It’s now time to honor its maker with a quilt of my own. 

Stay tuned!

(Photo by Jp Valery on Unsplash)

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