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Nature Marches On

For the past few weeks, we have been treated to an amaryllis show in our kitchen. It started with a giant double bloom on the apricot amaryllis that I have had for three years. This was followed by a quartet of velvety red amaryllis blooms that we are enjoying right now. The third amaryllis is a red and white variety, and it’s just starting to open up.

I bought the red amaryllis in December 2018. It was one of those bulbs they sell encased in wax. I searched for information on how to plant them after they bloomed, and the consensus on the interwebs was dire — that these bulbs were doomed to a one-and-done life once they arrived in your home.

I’m stubborn. (Duh.) I decided I couldn’t make things worse, so I removed the wax and the lining beneath the wax. The bulb itself was firm, but it was moldy, and the roots looked bad like they had been encased in tight waxy underpants. 🙂 I rinsed it off and gave it a pep talk before planting it in some new garden soil. I could hear it singing, “Don’t give up on me, baby.”

I didn’t give up, and WOW was I rewarded. I don’t trim my amaryllis (except the dead leaves), and I just let them go at their own pace. For the past two years, that meant blooms in February-March. I was introduced to Amaryllis Man by a friend and fellow plant lover and feel more confident in just letting them do their thing. 

I am in awe of my velvety red friend. It had an assist from me, but it knows what to do. It’s a good reminder in these uncertain times. 

Happy Spring, everyone!

P.S. The daffodils opened up on the first day of spring. How do they know?

Photo by Wolfgang Hasselmann on Unsplash

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