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Eld Inlet and Mud Bay

We have started to pull over and read all of the historical markers and interpretive signs that we come across. We recently checked out the one at Eld Inlet and Mud Bay.

Interpretive sign at Eld Inlet

Eld Inlet is about 6 miles long and is located at the southern end of the Puget Sound, between Totten Inlet and Budd Inlet. (What’s an inlet?) The southern end of the inlet is Mud Bay. If you drive by at low tide, that’s exactly what it looks like.

Interpretive sign at Eld Inlet (detail)

Although originally called Friendly Inlet by Peter Puget (he probably deserves his own post), it was later named Eld Inlet after one of the midshipmen on the United States’ Exploring Expedition, Henry Eld.

Driving on Highway 101 in this area you can see the outrageously large and rather comical group of metal cattle sculptures created by area artist Gary Vig.

J.B. Jackson would have loved them.



Eld Inlet

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