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The socks of Sisyphus

I love a little Greek mythology now and then, don’t you?

So my guy is Sisyphus. On more than one occasion, I have felt like my work is Sisyphean, or laborious and futile. I roll the boulder up the hill and  it rolls back down, hits me, and I need to start again. The new me is trying to think of these tasks not as a punishment but more of challenge. One that I can repeat à la Groundhog Day until one magical day I wake up and it’s not Groundhog Day anymore. In the GD scenario, it’s all about putting in effort and not worrying about the result. I can live with that.

But back to Sisyphus, my good friend Jane gifted me socks that rock, literally and figuratively, created by the magical people at Blue Q. Yes, I have Sisyphus socks. So perfect.

So if you see me smiling in a meeting, you’ll know why.

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