Hi, I’m Jake Kupiec (pronounced Coop-yeck or Coop-yetz). Or just Jake. Or you can use my other name if you know it.

I have almost always worked in communications. I like listening to people and hearing their stories. I like connecting people and ideas. I like working on things that make the world a little better. I am an improver. I like to leave everything better than I found it.

I also like to grow things: plants, people, ideas, compassion, empathy, hope – myself. I always have my eye on the big picture and I am always learning.

Right now I am passionate about design thinking, building character and conflict transformation. I feel like I discovered a whole new world (and one that has already discovered warp drive).

I love a good quote, coffee, dog kisses, nature and solving problems. I think a lot and I read a lot. I don’t have all the answers but I am always happy to share what I know.

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